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While the events of the last few years pushed many CPA firms out of their comfort zones, the 2022 Managing Partner Elite had marched their practices out to the leading edge of the profession many years prior. Case in point: Many of this year’s class of exceptional firm leaders implemented remote working environments long before the pandemic closed down offices, giving their people a headstart on operating in this new normal — and as an added benefit, it helps their firms attract more flexibility -focused talent, from outside their regions, as the Great Resignation continues to thin candidate ranks.

All of the 2022 MP Elite have not only been successful in courting new professionals, but in retaining them as well, as these leaders never stop adding or improving people-first policies and programs that center what they recognize as their firms’ most valuable resource.

And this year’s honorees have had time to strategize and develop these initiatives, because to be eligible for the MP Elite, candidates must have been in their leadership role for a minimum of four years.

Another theme of the 2022 class is a proactive pivot into more advisory services. While some of the younger or smaller practices on our list were advisory-focused from inception, legacy practices have impressively embraced this client need for more holistic business management services.

Additionally, the MP Elite are leading their practices — and the profession — into emerging new markets like cannabis, environmental, social and governance services, and cryptocurrency, to name a few.

Grassi CEO and MP Louis Grassi, who returns to our list after last being honored in 2014 (candidates are eligible for repeat consideration after three years) summed up the gusto with which he and his fellow honorees approach conquering these new frontiers.

“I swim against the tide,” he said. “When other managing partners react to crises and uncertainty with caution or fear, I am typically the one taking a big step of faith and implementing innovative new ways to continue our firm’s growth.”

And growth is not a nebulous concept for the MP Elite. Most of these outstanding leaders set very precise goals for their practices, down to the year and revenue dollar amount — and all of them are, as you’d imagine, ambitious.

The MP Elite’s standards for themselves are just as high.

As Centri Business Consulting’s Michael Aiello put it, “As a leader, my growth never stops. Whether it is learning more about how to lead or expanding my industry knowledge of our business or our clients’ business, I remain focused on being the best version of myself for the company and for our clients.”

That constant pace of change drives all of this year’s leaders — long before the pandemic, markets or other factors forced their lagging peers to catch up.

The MP Elite understand disruption and evolution is a key factor of their success.

“I am not afraid to shake things up or change the mold,” said Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz’s Ken Wolfe. “Sometimes, we just have to try something different, and it might work or it might not. But we will never progress forward if we don’t have change.”

Embodying that progressive mindset, we are proud to present the 2022 MP Elite, who continues to lead the charge ahead.


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