Science, innovation in 2023 will define India’s picture in 2047: Union Minister Jitendra Singh

Jan 01, 2023 17:20 STI

New Delhi [India]January 1 (ANI): Science and Technology Minister Jitendra Singh on Sunday said that science, technology and innovation in 2023 will define India’s picture in 2047.
Union Minister Jitendra Singh, while speaking on ‘2023 Science Vision’ said, “2023 holds significance because 2023 would outline India’s form in 2047. India’s picture of 2047 will be determined in 2023 itself. This picture will be an outline of the last eight years .”
He lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts for giving a new dimension to the country in the field of science and technology, which is recognized worldwide and has now started showing results.
“2023 is the last 25 years before 2047. India will celebrate its hundredth anniversary of Independence in 2047, so the last quarter will also have 2023 as its first year. It will be 2047 when India will be able to see all the dreams of its century come true. This also because the economy of India depends on our innovations, and our scientific achievements to a considerable extent.”
The minister further appreciated PM Modi for the respect he has accorded to science in the last eight years, the way he has treated the scientists by giving them respectable positions and the way he has simplified several rules for the ease of doing scientific work.
Giving an example, the minister said, “Space has been opened for private public participation, and as a result, private rockets are being launched. As this year ends, the country would be filled with enthusiasm.”
“Gaganyaan would be a matter of pride for us. Being the first of its type, Gaganyaan will be the first human flight that will take Astronauts of Indian origin to space. This will as a result increase our self-esteem,” he further added

“Even though our space journey started late in comparison to America or Russia, today we are in a position where we are providing the findings of our research to countries like America and Russia. These in turn help these countries for furthering their research,” he noted.
Talking about the achievement in the field of science, he mentioned that covid gave India an opportunity to prove itself under the leadership of PM Modi.
“Under the leadership of Modi ji, the self-esteem of scientists increased because of the respect given to them by the PM. Modi ji gave an equal amount of importance to scientists and scientific work,” he said.
“Several revolutionary decisions were also taken by the PM, for instance, space was opened for public-private missions, as a result of which private rockets are being launched,” he added.
Appreciating PM Modi for laying the foundation for science, scientific innovation and technology in the last eight years, he said, “Before Startup India, which was initiated by Modi ji from Red Fort in the country, there used to be only 300 startups. Today their number has increased to more than 80,000.”
He further mentioned that there were only 50 Biotech Startups, however today it has increased to 5500.
The Minister stated that in the last seven to eight years, PM Modi explained the importance of innovation, encouraged it, and mended the rules and laws that were in place for better functioning.
“Modi ji realized that science and innovation are going to play a major role in India’s economy in the coming times and so he used it in every sector, whether it was railways, smart cities or the construction of roads and bridges. Foundation laid by Modi ji in the last eight and a half years has started showing results,” the science and technology minister added. (ANI)


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