Innovation on Full Display at CES 2023

(By Buzz Knight) Has innovation thrived during these last few years or been hindered? Many of us believed that when the world went into lockdown, that entrepreneurs would thrive during this period, solving problems with new creations.

The result is on display this week in Las Vegas and for all the endless lines, gargantuan displays and spirited presentations our job is to help you filter the experience either from afar if you aren’t attending or if you are brave the throngs to attend yourself .

I’m glad to be here once again to be inspired, curious and loving the ride.

To give us a peak at what to expect this week at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show, we once again turn to Ben Arnold, Analyst for the NPD Group, for some thoughts on key themes that will emerge at the show.

Buzz Knight: What will be some of the key themes at CES this year?

Ben Arnold: At CES 2023, I think we will see technology companies talking about home connectivity and the benefits of having all of your appliances, security devices and entertainment products able to interconnect to one another. As you follow the show, look out for a mention of “Matter” this is a technology specification that the large tech companies have partnered on which will allow products from different brands and technology platforms to connect.

I also think space will be an interesting theme — whether it be sending cargo to space, travel, or media and internet transmissions. While there are regular rocket launches today, I believe this is still a long term innovation for consumers, but today the question is how will investments in space infrastructure benefit us here on earth. How can it drive innovation in connectivity or content creation or how companies advertise

BK: Tell our readers about CES’s focus this year on “human security.”

BA: I think this connects to the idea of ​​Human Security Home connectivity in this way is linked to more efficient living in terms of energy conservation, environmental footprint, healthy living. Many of the larger consumer electronics companies have made this connection to healthy living, but I think the wider idea is ‘human security’ with tech playing a part in helping us achieve that.

BK: What can we expect from the automotive side of CES?

BA: Mobility will also be a key theme at CES, as it has been for several years. The big takeaway for me is that autonomous driving for consumers is still years away, although many cars coming off the assembly line today have autonomous features that come close to full autonomy. In terms of services, the news that Steam is coming to Tesla was a sign to me that we will see more types of content coming to the car, full autonomy or not. Steam is Valve’s popular gaming platform, available on the vehicle’s central console.

BK: What can members of the media industry, particularly the radio industry, expect?

BA: In general, I think members of the media should expect a lot of conversation around data and how technology companies are monetizing user data in different ways- and the role of electronics products in that.

What is the big technology that will get consumers excited? Is it VR or something else? In general, how can media companies better harness innovation faster and in a more meaningful way? Will there be any compelling examples of the Metaverse? Are some areas better situated than others?

BK: Why is it important for us to go to CES every year?

BA: CES is where I go to hear about trends before they happen. Sometimes that is on the show floor, but I get educated on developments during presentations and panels and the other programming. Customer dinners. I’m an analyst and I enjoy connecting with my colleagues in the media because it makes me more informed.

In tomorrow’s column, we will dive deep into the Metaverse.

Buzz Knight is the CEO of Buzz Knight Media and can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]

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