Embracing services will be key to delivering customer-centric innovation across APAC: Juniper Networks

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The Asia-Pacific region remains one of the most dynamic in the world. For all the disruption that COVID-19 caused, World Bank data shows that Asia-Pacific economies have grown at a rate that has outpaced the rest of the world.

This growth has had an impact on IT spending too, with IDC data showing that APAC spending will grow by over 3.8 per cent in 2022, and will reach $1.4 trillion by 2026. These gains are largely being driven by Enterprise spending as organizations continue the transformation strategies that were started through the pandemic.

There remain challenges across the region. China is the largest trading partner for most APAC nations, and the impact of its lockdowns across the supply chain were significant. Nevertheless, according to Juniper’s Vice President of Customer Service, APAC, Greg Yoder, in an exclusive interview with Foundry, supply chains are starting to stabilize, and this presents an opportunity for forward-thinking organizations to take the lead.

“The supply chain issues are starting to resolve themselves. And so now the question is, what’s the new normal going to be?” he said.

“There is now an absolute requirement for increased flexibility and agility in purchasing, and one thing that we’re seeing that’s consistent across the region is an increased reliance on automation.”

Services mean differentiation for the channel

As supply chain issues begin to resolve themselves and markets continue to correct, customers across APAC see digital transformation and the move to the cloud as critical to their ability to adapt to the “new normal”. Studies show that companies across the APAC region are “racing” ahead of Europe and the US in their efforts to embrace the transformation.

However, skill shortages continue to plague APAC companies. three in four face an IT skills gap, meaning that they’re looking to the channel to assist them.

Services present channel partners with a strong opportunity to attract customers and help them keep pace with digital transformation. Channel partners who excel at delivering services will be well positioned to capture the increased revenue potential from such opportunities.


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