Duluth Pack Encourages Shopping Local For Small Business Saturday

This Saturday is “Small Business Saturday”

With Black Friday taking place tomorrow, it’s important to remember the smaller, local businesses and shop them on Small Business Saturday

Duluth Pack may well be the very definition of a small business. The 140th anniversary of the founding of Duluth Pack is just weeks away. In 2007 Tom Sega bought the company. He had used his products for years and was impressed. “I just feel in love with this brand and thought it could be so much bigger than it was at the time and here we are today, 15 years later and just having a blast and reaching out and expanding and people loving our brand and what we ‘re about and our core values.

It’s the quality of the products and the commitment to a lifetime warranty that has helped set the company apart from its competitors according to Sega. “We have a team that is dedicated, very experienced, and dedicated enough where they came to us several years ago and said can we sign these bags? That’s called pride right there and every bag that you buy at Duluth Pack has the person who hand crafted it, there signature and the day they made it is inside the bag.”

The company is still small, it has about 100 employees, but has grown since Sega took over. ” We have our manufacturing right here, which we’ve been in the same building since 1911 manufacturing our bags. As we’ve grown we’ve had to expand So we actually have, our what we call the Garfield News building, which is our marketing and our web building, then we have our distribution center on Garfield Avenue which is our distribution center, customer service, receiving, customer service and wholesale takes place out of there. So as we grow we also take up more space in Duluth and that’s great for the City as well.”

Sega is passionate about having people shop at small businesses, not just on Small Business Saturday, but throughout the year. He says these businesses are the engines that make cites, states and the entire country work. “Small Business Saturday is not only important to Duluth Pack but it is very important to all small businesses out there. I implore people, please support small businesses. These could be your friends, these could be your family, these could be your loved ones that are working at, or owning these small businesses and every sale they make matters to them. So, on Small Business Saturday, but really every day of the year, shop hard and try to shop small businesses, shop local. It makes a difference in your community.”

Another benefit of local shopping that Sega pointed out, is that its more likely the products you purchase there are American made.


Duluth Pack’s owner Tom Sega will be appearing this Saturday morning on Fox News’ — Fox & Friends show from New York City.
Duluth Pack is one of three companies the program will feature taking about Small Business Saturday.

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