Award to İzmir Agriculture Development Center

Award to İzmir Agriculture Development Center

“Izmir Agricultural Development Center”, one of the important levers of the agricultural policies of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, was awarded by the Chamber of Landscape Architects of TMMOB. The Center received the “Sustainable Practices and Projects in Publicly Performed Landscape Design Award” within the scope of the 13th National Landscape Architecture Awards.

“İzmir Agricultural Development Center-SasalıBiolab”, which was established by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to direct the agricultural activities in the city, was deemed worthy of the award. In the thirteenth National Landscape Architecture Awards organized by the Chamber of Landscape Architects of the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB), the “Sustainable Practices and Projects in Publicly Performed Landscape Design Award” was given to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Vahyettin Akyol, Head of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Studies and Projects, received the award at a ceremony held at the Ankara Architects Association.

Another farming is possible!

Speaking at the ceremony, Vahyettin Akyol said, “Our İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mr. Tunç SoyerThis facility, which is used in line with the vision of “Another Agriculture is Possible”, has become a center where all agricultural stakeholders come together.

It will set an example for local governments.

The award was given to the center because it was designed as a natural structure based on ecological protection, to observe the natural and cultural values ​​​​of the region, to use local plant species suitable for the flora of the region, and to bring them into the public’s use with nature-based solutions. It was emphasized that the center is a work that will set an example for local governments.

Service in 4 areas

İzmir Agricultural Development Center, one of the most important carriers of İzmir Agriculture policies, provides service in 4 areas. Cooperative member producers apply here and share information about their agricultural land. Based on the natural character, height, slope and climate of the agricultural area they own, the producers are there for the cheapest and most productive; in other words, they get the information about which product they can grow in the most profitable way. Farmers who have a product that complies with the principles of İzmir Agriculture apply to this center and receive free branding, industrial design and graphic design support for their products. The third service is the sales guarantee. In order to improve the production processes of the farmers who come here, a road map is prepared for them and guidance is provided on which product they can sell to where, before they plant their products in the ground. Sales channels with high profitability, especially exports, meet with small producers. Thus, it is ensured that manufacturers run on the same ground as big companies. In order to make agriculture more profitable and environmentally friendly, many R&D studies are carried out here together with universities.

Laboratory, library, application greenhouses

İzmir Agriculture Development Center was realized as one of the important links of the “Nature Based Solutions” project, which was prepared by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the “HORIZON 2020” program and received a grant of 2 million 300 thousand euros from the European Union. The center, which was established with a budget of 8 million 281 thousand liras in order to inform the society against drought that may occur in the future due to climate change and to explain the right methods in agriculture in practice, also includes an R&D and export unit for the branding of urban agriculture. In the center, there is a training hall, laboratory and agricultural library to inform the public and children. On the outside of the building, application greenhouses were established that show the effects of climate change on agriculture. While visiting the region, visitors are told about the effects of climate change. 10 insect houses (pollinator houses) were also created in the area for bees and insects to allow them to rest during long flights. Citizens are visually informed about the measures to be taken against drought that may occur until 2080 in three greenhouses spread over an area of ​​one thousand square meters.

The EU’s highest budget grant program

Within the scope of HORIZON 2020, the highest budget grant program of the European Union, the “Nature Based Solutions” project of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was selected among 39 international projects and received a grant of 2.3 million Euros. Thus, İzmir became a pioneering and implementing city along with Liverpool in England and Valladolid in Spain. Project, Karşıyaka It includes the region from the city center to the Çamaltı Saltworks. The model that will be put forward in order to reduce carbon emissions in this region, increase biodiversity, reduce the air temperature brought by intense urbanization, increase the amount of green space, reduce the risk of flooding and increase the quality of life of the people will be a guide for İzmir. Within the scope of the project, an “uninterrupted ecological corridor” was created in Mavişehir on the coastal part of the Peynircioğlu Stream and the Halk Park and the following route. Pocket parks were built on Girne Street. The top of the Sasalı Wildlife Park and Provinces House parking lots has been transformed into a green roof. This project, implemented in Sasalı, won the first place in the “Sustainable Agriculture” category in the “Best Sustainable Practices Competition” in 2019.

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