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Agriculture has been mainstay of our economy for centuries and despite this being net age with things moving and changing at a blink of an eye, progress on agricultural front has been unequal if we talk about different states of India. Political reasons with more focus on industrialization, little knowledge passed on to farmers, unwillingness to move on to modern farming ways and so many other factors have ensured retarded growth in agricultural sector specifically in our Jammu and Kashmir. Our neighboring Punjab is rice and wheat bowl of India annually producing 18 percent of wheat, 11 percent of rice, 4 percent of cotton, 10 percent of milk, 20 percent of honey and 48 percent of mushrooms, with an unbelievable 189 percent crop intensity, an unmatched contribution towards Indian food security. More intriguing is the fact Punjab is equally aggressive on industry front also with Ludhiana leading with hosiery and automobiles, Jalandhar with leather and sports industry and some other areas in furniture industry. Though the distance between Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab is only hundred kilometers yet the myriad of their progress is way beyond description. On detailed analysis reasons for such a vast difference between two neighboring States/UT are not hard to find, lack of political will to uplift own people, smoke screening of central Government schemes and only interest was how to keep pot of dissent boiling for own self interests. The only seed which got sown in last seven decades was seed of secessionism and as they say we cut what we sow, the resultant crop was bloodshed, stone pelting, hartals and unprecedented violence which just jammed the wheels of progress and all this was exacerbated further by nepotism, corruption, favoritism and discrimination. Troubled Kashmir acted like a wringer for Jammu as it also suffered due to decades of discrimination, no industrialist willing to invest in Kashmir and dynasts not willing to get Jammu investment and progressed. The preponderance of personal interests of politicians have left Jammu and Kashmir decades behind its neighboring states but wheel of time has gone full circle, present GoI and LG Administration are working in tandem, devising new ways, exclusive schemes and so much of financial aid which other states can only dream of, and focus is now on agriculture and horticulture sector. Fact is despite two agricultural universities yet Jammu and Kashmir has not been able to achieve the desired growth in both these sectors. Consequently a committee of expert was formed which came up with 29 projects with a simple aim of holistic development of agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, sericulture and all allied industries associated with these. Focus is now on scientific farming, adopting organic ways, seed production, fodder, reducing pesticide usage, high density fruit plantation, special focus on poultry and animal farming, fish farms, industry associated with horticulture and many more, all for economic development of seventeen lakh more public directly associated with farming. Scientists from all three universities have been assigned pilot projects for innovative farming, development of better seeds, proper guidance on dairy and associated techniques. Officers of all four departments of agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, sericulture and sheep and animal husbandry have been asked to fan out throughout UT with a simple goal to develop requisite skill among farmers and youth, make them aware of latest farming methods, switching to better multiple produce instead of traditional routine farming, special focus on crop diversification specifically of cereals and oil yielding crops. The schemes have been researched, proposed, accepted and now way outs to be found to adopt and implement these. All departments have to work in coordination with each other unlike in the past, a well planned strong base has been prepared and now it is up to all departments to make this dream of future agriculture and horticulture boom a reality. GoI has provided the grants and under LG Administration’s guidance there is no reason for us not to achieve green, white and industrial revolution in our own Jammu and Kashmir.

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