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The days of lyrics not getting the love and community they deserve are no more, potbsmap.com is a site for those that can’t think of a best techno articles. We are the liner notes to your internet LP, with extra space in the margins to answer the eternal double-rainbow question: “What does it all mean?” Part publication part infiltration, we are the proudest social home of critical articles thought. And without you, we are nothing

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potbsmap.com is the most popular website worldwide, boasting the most comprehensive database of legal articles in the world

With a best-in-class design and first-to-market social media sharing features, potbsmap.com is the web’s premiere site

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Despite lyrics being one of the most searched terms online, the online articles experience has generally been centered around listening, watching, and editorial services

potbsmap.com’ understanding and focus on the techno connection inherent experience that allows them to dominate the techno space

Leading The Way

potbsmap.com was the first site to provide users with licensed articles and to compensate copyright holders for the content